in oxford

202 Enterprise Drive

To find it, take the Sisk Avenue exit off of HWY 7, heading toward Oxford High School.  Turn right across the street from Wendy’s and the Wellness Center of Oxford will be on your right.

When you arrive at the Wellness Center, check in at the reception desk (if you like confidentiality, you can say “I’m Pat Ward’s 3 o’clock” appointment). After that, grab a cup of coffee and comfy chair.

If Lost: (662) 371-1711.

in tupelo

MidTown Pointe Shopping Center

499 S Gloster St

Our office in Tupelo is located in the big MidTown Pointe Shopping Center near Cross Town. Our office space does not have an exterior door that opens directly to the parking lot, so you’ll have to enter one of the main shopping center entrances and head toward the south end of the complex.

Currently, there may not be a receptionist when you arrive at the Tupelo office but if I am wrapping up a session, just take a seat and relax.  The restrooms are at the end of the hall straight ahead.

If lost, call: (662) 709-7714