You’ve reached this page because we are not able to work together for one reason or another.   Below I have listed several therapists who I know and trust that may be able to help you during this season of growth.

If finances are the reason that you are seeking a referral, please know that I have a few cost-effective measures in place such as the option to meet every-other-week from the beginning and clear guidelines for continued work in-between sessions. I also have some sliding scale slots available for those in financial hardship. Please let me know if you need any more information about any of those things.

**NOTE: ALL of these clients see individual clients for COMMON STRUGGLES, are adept at serving CHRISTIANS AND NON-RELIGIOUS clients alike, and currently use a MIX of in-person and telehealth unless otherwise noted. This is not an exhaustive list and it’s in no particular order.   

Taryn Cooper // 662.259.8244

Oxford Couples  Sliding Scale


Wesley Bell // 662.380.5110

Oxford Addiction Couples Sliding Scale BlueCross


Tyler Stacy // 662.380.5110

Oxford  Couples  BlueCross

Colby Cuevas // 662.321.0474

Tupelo Addiction Couples Sliding Scale

Vicki Mahan // 662.832.8230

Oxford  Couples  BlueCross


Carol Langendoen // 662.638.3707

Oxford BlueCross KIDS


Anne Lehman // 757.287.6173

Oxford  BlueCross KIDS


Janna Coleman // 662.481.2725

Oxford  BlueCross  EMDR

Nicole Yenter // 662.235.1836

Oxford Teens/Families KIDS

Allison Layton // 662.380.5110

Oxford  BlueCross


Amie Watson // 662.372.2747

Tupelo  Couples  Sliding Scale


Matt Ellis // 662.371.1711

Oxford  Couples  BlueCross  TeleHealth Only


Danyelle Davis // 662.371.1711

Oxford  BlueCross  Sliding Scale


Billy Myers // 662.638.3538

Oxford  BlueCross  TeleHealth Only  EMDR


Meghan Anderson // 662.801.4088

Oxford  BlueCross  Teens/Families


Carolyn Jenkins // 662.561.5588

Oxford  Couples  BlueCross  Trauma


Cami Anderson // 662.371.1711

Tupelo  Couples  BlueCross  


Talbot Adams // 662.832.0116

Oxford  BlueCross


Clinic Options (see a wide range of clients):

Wellness Center of Oxford // Wellness and Counseling Center of Tupelo // 662.371.1711

Communicare // 662-234-7521


Medication Management / Psychiatric Services:

Krisna Hervey // Conscious Change // 662.638.3388

Right Track Medical Group // Oxford 662.234.7601 // Tupelo 662.260.4533




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