the sunday night rundown

Busy families live busy lives.
If you don’t order your week, your week will order you.

Download this free, printable weekly organizer to start your week off well and on the same page.

Take 20 minutes out of your Sunday to take a look at the week ahead.  Print off a copy of the Sunday Rundown to give order to your ordering.  

This exercise will be awkward at first, so make a commitment to try it for one month worth of Sundays.

Break out the calendars

Whatever calendaring format you use, bring it to the table. If you don’t have one, use the week grid at the bottom.

Spend some time finding alignment and looking for ways to elbow out room for the most important things. If we don’t schedule the things that give us the most life, we will put them off for another week.

Peek at your finances

Taking weekly glances at your financial picture will help you stay on track, keep up with your goals, and – surprisingly – build a sense of intimacy in one of the most common resentment traps a relationship can fall into.

If these questions trip you up, consider growing your financial knowledge through Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover”.

Check in with the one you love

Spend a few minutes talking about the important stuff before another week of running begins. This meeting time can become a neutral arena for honesty to be expressed and responded to. Give yourself extra time to talk over anything that comes up during the check-in.


Start your week well by celebrating the work you’ve just done. It won’t just make life a little brighter, it will also motivate you to come back to the rundown 7 days from now.

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